Sunday, May 8, 2011

A number of Jackpot Pokies Game titles - What Are They?

Of late you might have heard that certain Online Pokies games are now offering multiple jackpots. Likelihood is, hearing that ended up confusing you considerably. After all, how do one particular slots machine actually offer multiple jackpots?

Although it might not exactly appear to make sense at all on the outside, in fact multiple jackpot pokies and Pokies games are available - and they are generally gaining interest right this very instant!

When you rush off and begin playing them, you ought to first know what they are.

Format of Multiple Jackpot Pokies

Most multiple jackpot pokies games focus on exactly the same principle. By ‘unifying’ many different slots games they could produce multiple jackpots that can by won by playing any one of those unified games.

What that means is always that let’s just say you can find 3 pokies games, Game A, Game B, and Game C which are all by the same manufacturer and are designed in order that by playing Game A, it is possible to win not simply the sport A jackpot, but also the one from Game B and Game C - with the same applying to the other two games as well.

See how this adds another dimension to pokies games?

Obviously, in order to stand an opportunity of winning multiple jackpots you’re gonna need to take action ‘special’. Normally, really the only time you truly qualify so that you can win these multiple slots jackpots come in a bonus round that you actually spin the reels of all participating games simultaneously (from your same game which you were playing).

Some pokies games represent this with individual reels for every game (so you may win a couple of although not necessarily all simultaneously), others don't use anything but one and have it work as a unifying reel (if you win one, won by you all), and so forth.

Whatever the case, the bottom line is that this could be the kind of format that multiple jackpot pokies games are employing - also it certainly may be exciting.

Think it is this way: These games differ very little from normal slots games except they feature you the chance to win many jackpots rather than just one from time to time. Granted, you’re not likely to qualify for the bonus round often and your likelihood of winning more than one jackpot continue to be fairly small - but it is certainly a nice addition.

Therefore you’re planning to play slots in the near future, make sure you watch out because of these new types of pokies games. Give them a try, and you never know - if you’re lucky you might disappear with multiple jackpots on your bottom line!

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