Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Play Great Game


Can you find out what to do at every single brand new scene in this game as it comments itself?

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Sparkquesters Game


In this challenging strategy game, you symbolize the blue colored power stations and you have to take over the reddish colored ones by sending sparks to them, just before they defeat you.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Space Mantra Game


Space Mantra is a wonderful avoiding flash game in which you need to use your mouse to keep meteoroids in the display screen and avoid particle-stealing orbs!

Play Space Mantra Online

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Plink is a physics centered flash puzzle game. Click on the bulb in your hand. Holding the mouse button, move your mouse in order to select the power and also route of the throw and release it to throw.

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Hot Boy Dressup Game


Make the boy of your dreams in this boyfriend dress-up game. Use your mouse to select objects, and change their colors also, just by clicking on them.

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Play Drow's Fury Game


Drow's Fury is a top down fantasy action RPG. You are a dark elf weapons master who has runaway from the underworld in order to save your princess from the Dark Lord's followers who wish to sacrifice her in a black magic ritual.

Enjoy Drow's Fury

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Play Textile Escape


In this flash escape game, search for clues, objects, make use of them...try to escape!

Play Textile Escape Online

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Tropical Dragon Slaughter Game


Tropical Dragon Slaughter is a retro flash shooting game in which you need to get into four manic bullet hell arenas and find out just how long you can last!

Play Tropical Dragon Slaughter Online

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Thump Game


Circle the track as quickly as possible. Hitting barriers as well as pylons will certainly slow down your progress and also cost you time!

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Play The Venom Pit


Caught in the clutches of the Cobra Shock Troops, our G.I. Joe have to battle his way out.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cafe Rose Dress Up


Spring time probably is the best to take a seat in a cafe, get one gulp from your flavored coffee and chat with your pals! Alexandra promised to meet her college buddies in Cafe Rose, found in one of the most attractive streets in London. Dress her up for the beautiful spring day.

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Haunted School 2 Game


Mina's mother and father are kidnapped by ghosts and she has to find all of them at the haunted school building. However she'll be interrupted by ghost attacks. Each time Mina is frightened by a ghost, her blood pressure increases a bit. To lower it, you must eat a few sweet you get along the way. While Mina is walking, make use of your mouse to pick up useful items and use them to keep the ghosts away.

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Cake of Fun Game


Each furry little critter wants a different kind of cake. Can you keep up with their orders?

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Play iMashine


Shoot the robots and grab money symbols while you attempt to avoid them from killing the hostage.

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Play Magma Balance


Assist the pretty demons stay outside the very hot lava. Discover secret levels simply by completing the achievements.

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Play Forest Little Fairy Game


This pretty forest little fairy wants to dressup herself! Now assist her to do dress up, you will find 6 subjects for you to pick on the left. Click the one you like most for her of each category accordingly on the left.

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Vigor the Pizza Boy


Vigor is the most well-known Pizza Boy on the planet. He always delivers, it doesn't matter what it takes.

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Terrafyme Game


Terrafyme is a puzzle loaded online platform game. Use the world around in order to solve riddles. Be attentive, get wise. Peaceful music and soft colours will assist you to relax and have an excellent time.

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Saturday, May 15, 2010



Make the vehicles push objects and other vehicles therefore you'll be able to solve the physics puzzle on each and every level.

Enjoy Vehicles Game

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Parallel Slide


Test your puzzle solving abilities with this hard flash puzzle game. For brainiacs only.

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Victoria Justice Dress Up Game


Victoria Justice is an actress, singer, and also model that was born in Hollywood, Florida. She is recognized for her role on Zoey 101 as Lola Martinez and her latest blockbuster Victorious.

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Play Ping Pong Champion Game



Ping Pong Champion is a flash pong game with a twist! It uses your web cam to detect movement (also works with mouse). Shoot the bubbles!

Play Ping Pong Champion Game Online

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Area51 Game


Area51 is a fantastic and amusing flash shooting game which uses your webcam to detect movement (also works with mouse). Shoot'em aliens!!

Play Area51 Game

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Little Furry Things World


Find as well as save all of five little furry babies by simply bouncing from platform to platform then get through to the exit within the time limit, on every single 16 levels.

Play Little Furry Things World Online

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Play Space Ball


The Intergalactic Basket Association wants the top Cosmo Dude around the world. Can you step-up to the challenge?

Play Space Ball Online

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Play Super Mario Bros Star Scramble 2


Collect all the shine sprites and beat Bowser in order to save the Mushroom Kingdom!

Play Super Mario Bros Star Scramble 2 Game

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The Lion King Find the Numbers Game


The Lion King Find the Numbers is a hidden numbers sort online flash puzzle game in which you must evaluate your ability of observation simply by discovering the numbers.

Play The Lion King Find the Numbers

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Play Camera Fashion Girl


This gorgeous fashion girl wants to make picture for herself! Now guide her to do make over, and make her as attractive as a movie star! There are ten subjects for you to pick on the left column.

Play Camera Fashion Girl

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Play Indian Beauty Game


Pick one beautiful Indian outfit and try your fashion design experience on the lovely Indian little princess.

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Beauty and the Beast Dress Up


This beauty has everything: the beast, the love, and the stunning clothing! Simply click the arrows next to the categories on the right to view your options.

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Play Prompt Chomp


Make use of the arrow keys to move. Bite as lots of carrots as possible, and do not bite the little moles.

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Play Johnny Deep Game


You are a professional diver! Upgrade your equipment and set your world diving record!

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Play Necronator


In this cool strategy game, Necronator, summon and command the undead forces, conquer the planet by simply getting rid of any kind of human being which appears in the way.

Play Necronator

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Play Pixel Shuffle



In this awesome flash puzzle game, rearrange the columns in order to uncover the image!

Play Pixel Shuffle Online

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Cook with Bobby Game


In this awesome cooking online game, Bobby is making her most liked dark chocolate cookie! You now undoubtedly are a cooking trainer, your task is to help her make the most delightful dark chocolate biscuit as soon as possible! You will find seven selections for you on the upper column.

Play Cook with Bobby Online

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Play Aishwarya Rai Makeover


Aishwarya Rai is probably the most famed actresses in Bollywood, the Indian cinema. Have you heard of it? Her green colored eyes have enchanted everyone.

Play Aishwarya Rai Makeover Online

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Play Building Blaster


In this puzzle game, Place explosives all over plus in building and set electronic timers to demolish the yellow-colored structures. Be careful not to affect any reddish colored structures.

Play Building Blaster

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