Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What is incorporated within SEO services and Website Marketing?

The SMART informational retrieval system was created back in the 1960’s by Gerald Salton’s team at Harvard and a team at Cornell University and was believed to be at the root of SEO services . An improved system and some say the forerunner to today’s search engines, ‘ARCHIE’ was created in 1990. Archie’s Query methodology, incorporated a script and regular expression matcher which combined with a database enabled searchers to view these catalogued web filenames.

Many companies since the ‘dawn of the search engine’ have attempted to be successful but none have achieved it more so than today’s encumbants. We are seeing Microsoft with Bing to start to mount a challenge to the predominant search engine provider Google (which currently accounts for approximately 80% searches worldwide) .

Google continues to refine its algorithm, which it uses to determine a websites relevance to the user search, so that it can follow its message of making a rapid search as relevant as possible for the user . As a consequence, companies realised that being on the first page of the biggest search engines meant more people accessing their website which in turn means more sales of the products and services that were being offered.

Good SEO = website awareness and good Website Marketing = conversion into sales.

Just having a good looking website is not enough. Today’s searcher is more fickle with time and search relevance being key factors for both the user and the search engine alike. The search engines are now guiding users through the decision process, website style is an important factor but it’s use,speed and ease of communication, ease of purchase and definitive calls to actions, become key factors in the sales cycle.

So what do you do when a user gets to your website?

Well the ultimate goal is for the user to purchase something , take a moment to think about the rules that apply to you when you purchase something in a retail outlet.
The shop will:

a) Put the wares (product / services) on show

b) Make it simple for you to get information on products or services

c) Makes it clear and easy to buy them (POS / credit cards /cash etc…).

Exactly the same rules apply with a website. Examples of this are specials deals and impulsive buys at the checkout.

The key is to make it easy and simple for the user, without bells and whistles (unless you are in this trade!) – KISS works!.

However remember you have to do the basics and that is SEO services – get them to your site first then get them to take your products.

SEO services now are key to getting your website to page one of Google

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